Leaving aside the issue of whether our local culture is Uniquely and Extraordinarily Corrupt (you can probably tell what I think about that hypothesis), I am not especially disturbed about the fine the university must pay or the penalties to our football program in terms of scholarship limitations and bowl exclusions. Terrible crimes to children occurred on our campus and we must do what we can to rectify the damage and ensure that something like it cannot recur here. But I also appreciate that the NCAA sanctions give us an opportunity to reflect on what needs to be changed in terms of the way athletics is conducted here (and elsewhere), and I would like to begin a conversation about that—one that reflects thoughts that I have held for some time, since I’m very interested in sports.

Just a single quote from one of the excellent posts in the Center for Democratic Deliberation blog from the Penn State College of the Liberal Arts.  Each post is authored by a different member of the Liberal Arts’ faculty.  Quite a collection of essays with very thoughtful reactions to the current state of affairs here at PSU.

Center for Democratic Deliberation

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