Here is a small example of the Penn State Way. Back in November when I focused some of my energies on this letter to The Collegian requesting that Gary Schultz’s name be removed from the new daycare center on campus, I heard from more than one person that my colleagues were whispering about it, wondering if I would get reprimanded somehow for speaking out. I had, in short, gone against the Penn State Way, made a case for swift action and let it be known that I thought the discipline received by Sandusky—to ask him not to bring guests onto campus—had “protect the University, not children” written all over it. In the meantime, and in a more visible/audible instance of the PSW, the faculty senate—the voice of the faculty—circulated an email telling faculty it was inappropriate to comment on allegations against Sandusky.

Another excellent post from the Center for Democratic Deliberation from the Penn State College of the Liberal Arts. We’ve been lucky to work with the author of this post, Debra Hawhee, on a course that was designed specifically to support the Paterno Fellows in the CLA.  She is a very bright and particularly insightful member of our faculty.

Redirecting the Penn State Way - Center for Democratic Deliberation