A new type of software at Penn State is enabling students and faculty to create professional-quality videos by simply pressing a button. The system, known as One Button Studio, bundles all the attractions of a professional production studio — green screen, lighting, audio and cutting-edge camera equipment — into a single set up that can be used to produce instant quality video.

I remember the conversation in 2005 that pushed us down this path — the challenge was issued to see if we could create a studio space that required next to zero setup, tear down, and digitizing video. The idea was simple, but incredibly complex — allow students to walk into a fully ready studio and push a button to make it all work. Here it is in full production and getting the attention it deserves. Great stuff!

Lights, camera, action!: One Button Studio offers video production with ease | Penn State University

Dean Blackstock rocks Learning Design Summer Camp!

TLT manages over 50 ITS computer labs at University Park, available to faculty, staff, and students. There are nearly 3,000 computers in 322 rooms at University Park. In addition, we provide services to support spaces managed by other units in a program called Cooperative Lab Management (CLM). In all, 7,000 computers in 950 rooms and 163 buildings at 22 campuses are supported by this infrastructure.
Maybe that’s where all this comes from. Maybe that’s how Bill O’Brien sees pots of gold where everybody else sees potholes. Maybe that’s how O’Brien became the patron saint of lost causes. Last week, just before that final game versus Wisconsin, Penn State did something chilling and emotional and real. It put the 2012 Nittany Lions on the ring at Beaver Stadium that honors Penn State’s greatest teams.

I am not a fan of espn anymore, but this story deserves a link.

Everybody’s coach of the year - ESPN

On Saturday afternoon, Penn State will make an exception. Before the Nittany Lions’ season-ending date with Wisconsin, the university will honor the 2012 team by putting its name – “2012,” to be precise – alongside 1982, 1986, 1994 and other memorable seasons in the program’s illustrious football history.
Penn State has received 24,000 applications this admissions season compared to 28,000 just at University Park last year — albeit a few weeks difference. The University expects to receive about 70,000 applications for all campuses by the end of this summer — down from 110,000 last year – and will likely receive many more as the priority deadline approaches, especially considering many in the northeast were without power for almost a week due to Hurricane Sandy. Interestingly, international applications have been up 10% from last year.
This morning, dozens of people discovered that the NCAA has pulled all Penn State merchandise from its official store. If you search under “All Teams,” you will find apparel for every single Division I institution except Penn State. It should be noted that recently athletically sanctioned schools such as North Carolina and Ohio State do have merchandise available on the site.
Spanier is being charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, NBC reporter Michael Isikoff reported on “Today.” Kelly and Pennsylvania State Police commissioner Frank Noonan have scheduled a news conference for 12 p.m. ET to annouce what Isikoff’s sources described as a major development in the case.